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About Zachary Shepherd

Zachary Shepherd grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. At a young age he had a strong passion for movies and was an avid movie watcher, sometimes watching up to 4 films a day. He was so in love with movies both new and old that his family supported his love for cinema and compiled DVD’s that brought him a collection of over 1500 movies. Although Zachary didn’t start acting until he was a junior in High school. He started taking drama and soon after started taking acting classes outside of school. Although theatre and being on stage was his first outlet for pursuing his passion, it was soon obvious that he wanted to act in the same medium that inspired his passion from the start. He started pursuing acting for film and television and has not stopped taking classes to this day. He has since taken several different acting classes and has completed more than 1000 collective hours of training with various teachers at just 20 years of age. With representation in Denver, Albuquerque and Los Angeles, Zachary takes his profession very seriously and is constantly looking to work and improve in the entertainment business.

When Zachary is not working on becoming a better actor, he spends a lot of his time playing basketball or trying to do physical activities. He likes music and spends time listening to various artists, both new and old. He’s also an intensive poker player, with a unique ability to play cards. He’s very competitive and always strives to be the best in anything that he gets involved with.

Zachary has just completed two short films and is working on another project currently. To see his most recent work, follow him on Instagram.

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Donna Baldwin Agency    •    Presley Talent    •    Discover Management    •    Rage Talent Agency